We are the Afrobots @ Afrobotix – a group of nerds using machine learning to change the world. We thought this might be a good time to introduce ourselves.

As it stands (and for the most part), machine learning is used by elite companies to further their own initiatives – whether it be increasing user engagement or predicting when it would be best to vary pricing to maximise profit. However, machine learning is just a tool which can either be used as a force for profit or a force for good (the same way a candlestick can be used to hold a candle or murder Colonel Mustard in the Library). 

Enter Afrobotix. Our mission is to use machine learning as a tool to uplift society on the African continent (improved healthcare, access to and distribution of water and electricity, and heightened business intelligence – for starters). Africa is our home and we have every intention of helping the continent thrive.  

We’re kicking off with an initiative that will have an immediate impact – a smart data management platform tailored for small and medium enterprises. This initiative will give the data handling capabilities of conglomerates to the small business owner (which can be used to make information-based strategic and operational optimisation decisions). Effectively, your business data are presented in a way which identifies what works well so that you can increase performance and prosper. In real-life machine learning applications, the data are more important than the model. This initiative ensures that the data is of the highest quality and ready to be used optimally by the business.  

This moves the power of machine learning into the hands of people who could benefit most from its use. Thriving SMMEs (regularly described as the backbone of the economy) supplement growth on a large scale, leading to more jobs and opportunity.

Our core value is one of co-elevation, we will attempt to build a better version of the contemporary tech company. One based on growth, upliftment, and compassion for the other Afrobots and the world. This, coupled with a drive to be the nerdiest people on the continent, will allow us to make our desired impact. 

Now that you know a little about us, we’d love to get to know all of you. Feel free to comment below and connect with our socials. Until next time.

Follow your curiosity,

The Afrobots @ Afrobotix.

Afrobotix™ 2021