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We offer a wide range of data management services that include the integration of data from different databases, data cleanliness, validation and exporting files to severs, cloud or data lakes.


Want more than just data management? We offer affordable, top notch data analytics and science projects. We are democratising data science, so that any business can unlock the value of its data.

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Data Management


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It is the process of integrating, manipulating and exporting raw data into a form that is ready for analysis, review or audit.

We provide affordable data management, data science and software development solutions. We build all our solutions inhouse, reducing cost.

Any organisation that handles data (analysing client data, supply chain data, process optimisation, etc.) needs data management. These include all organisations that are relying on data to inform business decisions. 

The founding team is made up of three Aeronautical engineers, a field that involves a large amount of data, rapid software solution building, creative thinking, AI and machine learning. They realized that there many organisations that require these solution but lack the technical skills or the financial means. The founding team set out to provide affordable software solutions to organisations in different industries.