Leading Africa into a World of Possibilities

Our Core Value

Afrobotix is a family of young, vibrant and diverse individuals aiming to provide true and measurable value to our clients. We solve complex and challenging problems using innovative solutions. We emphasise the principle of "React. Adapt. Repeat." Business evolves on increasingly shrinking timescales and the only option is to rapidly respond, adjust and discover.

Our Unprecedented Mission

Our mission is to help businesses improve efficiency, save time and reduce cost through machine learning solutions.

Meet our Founding team

Nigel Dhlamini


An aeronautical engineer currently doing his Masters in computational fluid dynamics.

Nigel has a passion for creating interesting models based on strong statistical theory aimed at real-world solutions. His ability to rapidly build, apply and validate machine learning algorithms displays an unparalleled level of abstract reasoning. He co-founded Afrobotix in an attempt to implement machine learning as a disruptive force in data science.


Makhosi Moyo


An aeronautical engineer with her Masters in parameter estimation.
Makhosi is a stellar researcher. She has the ability to create statistical models that can be used to give actionable insights. With an aptitude for applying complex physical phenomena, she cofounded Afrobotix for a chance to have an impact – beginning with a startup she believes in.

Shailin Moodley


An aeronautical engineer with a passion for creating and solving complex problems.

Shailin demonstrates an aptitude in creatively solving imaginative scientific problems. He has a knack for coordinating heterogeneous teams in engineering, marketing, production, and others in advanced engineering projects. He brings all this, together with his desire to change the world, into his role at Afrobotix.